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In April of 1881 the ladies of the area erected a memorial that was placed on the State of Florida's Capital Grounds, in front of a building today, that exists as a museum of Florida History. 

The dedication inscription reads:

"To rescue from oblivion and perpetuate in the memory  of succeeding generations the heroic patriotism of the  men of Leon County who perished in the Civil War of 1861-1865, this monument is raised by their country women." 

The radical left including George Soros funded former Governor candidate Andrew Gilliam and re-tread radical race-baiting politician Geraldine "Taliban" Thompson want this memorial to Florida veterans taken down, using the usual divisive, disrespectful, demeaning  and inaccurate rhetoric.  This is a memorial to Floridians who answered the call of duty with their Governor called - nothing more.

The undersigned petitioner herein calls upon the Florida Governor and Legislature to protect and preserve the historic War Veterans Memorial where it is at the historic capital museum and building, as well as others like it.  It is time to say 'enough is enough'! The war on the Betsy Ross flag, the National Anthem and dead Florida veterans is just plain wrong.  Polls show that Floridians are overwhelmingly in favor of protecting and preserving these memorials.  Florida is touted to be a pro-veterans state and if politicians in Tallahassee cave in to the 'eracists' they are doing it against the will of the majority and in the process wasting money and disrespecting veterans.

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