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Ways to Help

There are a number of ways you can help Save Southern Heritage.  

Many take very little time or effort, but combined with other like minded individuals, will make a meaningful difference to ensuring Southern history and heritage endures.


"Everyone should do all in his power to collect and disseminate the truth, in the hope that it may find a place in history and descend to posterity. History is not the relation of campaigns and battles and generals or other individuals, but that which shows the principles for which the South contended and which justified her struggle for those principles."

-Robert E. Lee

The biggest way someone can help the cause to Save Southern Heritage is by learning all they can about the South and Southern history. It is important to be versed in history so that you may share that history with future generations and be able to discuss it should someone begin a conversation with you regarding the south, Confederate flags or any such similar subject.



Stay Informed
Like us on Facebook - the SSH FL Social Media site will keep you informed on attacks on Southern Heritage and equip you to act.



Join Save Southern Heritage

Members of Save Southern Heritage are tired of watching their history and heritage erased in front of their eyes.  They are taking a stand to stop 'eracism' and are willing to make a small financial investment.   They will received numerous benefits including insider information and alerts.  Click for more information.



Sign a Petition
SSH will have active petitions from time to time.  SSH FL members will be alerted, and they will be posted here.   Dixie Highway   Pensacola's Five Flags


Register to Vote

In 2012 and estimated 51 million Americans were not registered to vote - that is 1 in 4!


Southerners have a voice and must use it to Save Southern Heritage.  Click Here to register to vote now.


If you are already registered - Make sure your registration is correct.  

1 in 8 voter registrations in 2012 were inaccurate or invalid.  

Don't waste your vote.  Make sure you're registered here now.




Southerners have a voice and must use it to Save Southern Heritage.

 Join Save Southern Heritage FL and to stay informed about elections

that will make a difference in Saving Southern Heritage.  Live in the 
City of Lakeland?  Here is our Voter Guide for the 2017 Elections.


Contact Legislators and Elected Officials
It is important that you make your legislators aware of how you feel

about southern heritage. It doesn't take much time to drop them a line

or make a quick phone call. Use this page to find out who they are and

their contact details.




If you have been given the gift of writing you can make a difference by writing the editor of your local newspaper with an opinion piece.   Post replys to posted online articles.

You can also write blog posts and our Facebook page.  
Contact us for more information.



Spread the Word

Like minded family and friends may want to join the movement to Save Southern Heritage.  Pass this web site along and let them know that there is a group that is seriously working to Save Southern Heritage.


Financial Support

Your donations will support our purpose.  Donate here NOW.  A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free 1-800-HELP-FL or online at  Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State.  Registration # CH53858

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I'm committed to saving Southern Heritage!

Sign me up now.

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