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Crime Victim Assistance

If you were a victim of a crime in Florida, you have Constitutional Rights that act as a sword to fight for Justice for you. 

Marsy's Law was adopted in the Florida Constitution by voter referendum in 2018.  Though
it is new, Southerners in Florida are already using it to to seek justice in the Florida criminal justice system.

We believe these rights will help Southerners who have been targeted for crimes, merely because they are Southern, obtain Justice which, in many previous cases the hope of which, was denied.

The first step is to ensure the crime is reported to the appropriate authority.  Once that has been accomplished, law enforcement agencies are responsible for investigating the crime and the once a suspect has been idenfiied, the State Attorney is responsible for prosecution.

Marsy's Law is intended to assist the crime victim have a voice at each stage in the criminal justice process.

If you, or a loved one, has been a victim of a crime in Florida, and believe you were targeted because you are Southern, Save Southern Heritage may be able to assist you in your search for Justice.

Please complete the on-line Victims Assstance Hotline form and you will be contacted shortly.

Read more about Florida's Crime Victim's Bill of Rights HERE.


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