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No One will Bother to Fight California’s Secession

No One will Bother to Fight California’s Secession

In keeping with left’s apoplexy at having suffered an embarrassing defeat to President Trump, they continue to ratchet up the hysteria of political correctness and outrage over what the rest of the world thinks is a non-issue or at least mundane. Some poor teacher, age 70, who probably has spent his entire life trying to impart an education to Californian kids and dealing with their liberal parents, has more or less been forced to retire because he displayed both the union and Confederate Battle Flag in class he was teaching about the War.

In an article in Heat Street it was reported that he simply displayed both flags. That’s it. He showed both flags. But according to the school district, he created an “unsafe” environment for the poor defenseless children. The school stated that they “do not want to limit the free speech of our teachers,” but adds that their expectation is that “teachers and staff will do this work using culturally appropriate strategies.” I would love to see their definition of what is “culturally appropriate” when one is teaching history.

A whole lot of history contains acts that are culturally inappropriate. That’s how you learn. But knowledge after all is power and the left does not want people empowered and able to think for themselves. You can’t control freethinkers very easily so revising history is the first order of business when you want to control the populace and erode their liberties.

But they aren’t fooling anyone with their whitewash because of the 350 comments following the article, not one supported the decision. Everyone seems to be tiring of this whole obsession of political correctness like it was 70’s disco music. To borrow one commenter’s idea, may President Trump should consider building the wall vertically instead of horizontally.

So, if the liberals in California wants to secede, God Speed. I don’t think they could scare up a fight to stop them. But we all know they haven’t the spine for it and deep down they themselves know it would result in an implosion of societal cannibalism when the only the foe they have to left to fight is themselves.

On a side note, there was also a link to another article on the site about some girls in Pittsburgh, PA that are in a First Amendment fight with their high school over wearing clothing featuring the Battle Flag. Pittsburgh of all places! Maybe Yankees aren’t all bad after all.

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