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Statement by HK Edgerton Regarding Al McCray


Statement by HK Edgerton Regarding Al McCray - August 24, 2017


I received a call from Al McCray last night and I understand he is upset about a press release condemning the violence against law enforcement offices that included a condemnation of Black Lives Matter.

I heard this morning that Mr. McCray is disassociating himself with the leader of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp in Tampa. That saddens me because I believe David McCallister is a fine Christian gentlemen who sincerely wishes to represent all Southerners - both black and white alike. From my point of view, black Southerners are being used as the weapon of choice to divide our people and distract us. I am concerned that Mr. McCray, though well meaning, may have been a casualty of this division effort as well.

However, this is all a distraction from the key issue, that the Hillsborough County Commission needs to take another look at the issue of the war memorial and do the right thing. If they don't have the courage to vote to keep it, they should put it to the voters in a referendum.

I can be reached for comment at

HK Edgerton

Past President, NAACP, Asheville, NC Branch

Save Southern Heritage, FL

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