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Confederate Canary in the Coal Mine An Open Letter from the South to our Friends & Neighbors/Con

Confederate Canary in the Coal Mine An Open Letter from the South to Our Neighbors: Connecting the Dots in the War on America

Some Americans are wondering why, all of a sudden, they can’t enjoy a Monday night football game without seeing some multi-millionaire making a political statement.

Others are wondering why they can’t get to or from work, or the hospital or…wherever they’re going….without the highway, street, sidewalk (insert public space here) being ‘occupied’ by black-clad individuals with a bullhorn complaining about something or even burning an American flag.

Other Americans are wondering why, all of a sudden, Christopher Columbus statues are having blood red paint thrown on them, coupled by demands that they be removed.

Other Americans wonder why, after each unhinged mass gun murder, the gun gets blamed, when obviously the shooter was just a psychopathic criminal mind.

Well, down here in the South, we know a teensy weensy bit about all of this. We’ve been dealing with red paint throwing, demanding, ‘occupy’-ing tactics, and misplaced blaming for years now.

You may remember a couple of years back when that evil kid went into that church in Charleston and murdered all those good folks? People lost their minds and blamed a flag (not even the gun) and ever since then, well, people have been ripping down our flags, painting our war memorials, demanding they come down (many of them have) ‘occupying’ town squares, county and city commission meetings, and making political statements. Bless their hearts.

HELLO! YOUR domestic terrorists have been our domestic terrorists. We just got the early bird! They are the same black skinny-jeans wearing, red and black-flag waving, ‘take it down’ bullhorn toting thugs we’ve been seeing bussed into our towns for a couple of years now.

So, you’ll excuse us if we say our most polite “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG???!!!!” and thank you for noticing.

So, now that it’s a problem for you, too, would you kindly consider saying, “oh, ok, we’ve got to fix all this” and not just blame us and our war memorials and our flags for being the problem anymore now…because if we are, you might as well put on your black skinny jeans and join them, and join in ripping down any Americana that is left that Southerners didn’t touch.

Just like you, Southerners don’t want to have all this topsy turvy “what should be down is up” and “what should be up is down” disruption. We know a revolution when we see it, and for those of us paying attention, we suspect that is what we’ve got going on. The 1st and 2nd Amendment of the Constitution are under full siege, with the path starting with Confederate symbols leading all the way to the holy grail of ‘white supremacy’…America herself.

We sure hate being the proverbial canary in the coal mine, but if it is worth getting the domestic terrorists and other criminals dealt with, the South is happy to be of service to America.


-The South


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