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HK Ederton: Lakeland and the NAACP

April 21, 2018: Lakeland and the NAACP

I find it almost comical that members of the NAACP , especially the Lakeland, Florida Chapter President who would stand before his City Council and spit out a bigoted remark that I was not black like him because I would make a stand for my homeland, the Southland of America. I just wonder how many questions the decent white folks there had running through their minds. Is he saying that somehow one has to hate white folks in order to get a membership in the society of black people ? Even more so, those like minded bigots on Facebook that I don't use anymore, who would liken me to an "Oreo" because I make a stand for Holt Collier, Napoleon Nelson, Levi Carnine, Horace King, Polk Arnold, Dr. Alexander Darnes, Rev. Mack Lee, Christopher Columbus Quarrels, and organizations like the Pole Bearers and Knights Monumental Associations, did in placing their loyalty with the Southern white man despite the world wide economic institution of slavery that put my ancestors in the river of Southern white folk charity that has no parallel in any place on God's earth. And that includes putting Southern black folks on the path of citizenship in Heaven with the one they call their Lord and Master," Jesus Christ"; introduced to them on Southern plantations by the likes of Pastors such as Honorable R.L. Dabney of Prince Edward County, Virginia. And let's take a look at the biggest lie that this Lakeland NAACP has told about the Confederate Cenotaphs built for the integrated Confederate army: "The Confederate monuments were built during the era of Jim Crow for the intimidation of Southern Blacks." Let's take a look at some of those years these Cenotaphs were unveiled, and this does not include the number of years it took for the Ladies of the Memorial Associations to raise the funds to build them. Like the one unveiled in Montgomery, Alabama that took some 33 years beginning with fund raising in 1865 and not unveiled until 1898. Or even more worthy to note how funds were raised by the Ladies Memorial Association like the one unveiled in Augusta, Georgia in 1873; they held bazaars, donations from the citizens, concerts and lectures, and even the black folks contributed to the funds by holding 2 benefit concerts from the Cotton States Minstrels of Augusta. The United States Naval Fleet at Port Royal invited the Ladies of the Memorial Association to a Leap Year Party and made a generous donation, the police of Augusta gave a generous donation, as well! This modus operandi was copied all over the South. So much for the lies copied from the other hate organization , "The Southern Poverty Law Center" and provided to the NAACP for recall. Lies that are a direct insult to the efforts of, and to, our Southern women. How brave they were in times that tried men's souls. Often sending the dearest treasure of their bleeding hearts without a tear to meet the foe. And now their hallowed work facing sacrilege and carnage from an organization that professes to be representative of the civil rights of its constituents but is no more that a white Northern Jewish owned vehicle that dispenses hate for the purpose of Southern social and cultural genocide that has ramifications against our Constitution and democratic way of life. Monuments: Atlanta, Georgia ... unveiled 1872, Savannah Georgia ... unveiled 1875 , Vicksburg, Mississippi ... unveiled 1893, Danville, Virginia ... unveiled 1878, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ...unveiled 1886, Charleston, South Carolina , unveiled ... 1882, New Orleans , Louisiana ... unveiled 1874, Macon, Georgia ... unveiled... 1879, Raleigh, North Carolina unveiled... 1895, Waynesboro, Georgia unveiled... 1877. So much for the Jim Crow era! I wonder just how long it is going to take the people of the South to figure out the lies being told by those who have come to steal our homeland and divide us against each other. God bless you !

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