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Opinion: The Great Evil in St. Augustine

When I first heard of a plaque to lynching in Gainesville, Florida, it came from a Yankee-born County Commissioner there. And I became greatly agitated when he proposed that this plaque would be about blacks being lynched. For the life of me, I couldn't understand why anyone would want to do something like that...unless the purpose was to conjure up a false narrative about the fallen heroes symbolized by the Cenotaph of this Southern integrated militia... General Lee's Citizen Soldiers of the South.

The great evil that still stalks the South is the use of race as a vehicle to divide the people rather than unite them. Dylan Roof provided the proper ingredients for the fake news media to further this charge as they used their hocus-pocus with a photo shopped picture with him holding the South's second most sacred symbol, " the Confederate Battle flag" to further this agenda. As the Great State of Florida has slowly become the Alamo in this renewed struggle to defend the honor and integrity of the people of the South, and the honorable defense their ancestors made against the illegal invasion of our homeland; I sadly report that the removable of the Cenotaph of the Honorable General Kirby Smith from Statuary Hall by the lily-livered politicians in the Florida State Capitol is tantamount to the betrayal of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by Judas Iscariot , and as big a blow to the South as Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg.

And, to the St. Augustine, Florida City Council's, please tell them that 3 minutes before their body and citizens they serve is woefully insufficient, to articulate a definitive message to combat the planned conjured up evil by a paid consultant and so-called academics to discredit the fallen heroes of that town. Those courageous men who stood to defend against an army armed with General Order 100 from its Commanding Chief, to rape, plunder, murder and burn out the innocent, defenseless old men, women and children to include those Africans they would later falsely proclaim they came to save, having only that bogus document called the Emancipation Proclamation to legitimize their war crimes and lie.

If there was any decency or loyalty to the history of that historic city in the members of this Commission; they should have been up in arms about what this consultant proposed. And never let it see the light of day to its citizens.

The only "plaque" that should have been acceptable would have been a tribute to those Africans like Dr. Alexander Darnes who was born there and served with Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith, Anthony T. Welters, who enlisted in the St. Augustine Blues, or even the Honorable Napoleon Nelson, grandfather to the Honorable Nelson Windbush of Kissimmee, Florida .

Anthony Welters, St. Augustine Blues

And we could have traveled down the road of hate as these consultants did....talking about the Corwin Amendment and Lincoln, with a set of plaques down the block at the US Colored Troops Cenotaph. We could have detailed the truth about Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and just how many slaves it freed, we could have talked about the Battle of the Crater, the utilization of their wives as concubine by the Federal white troops, how they were placed in the front lines with bayonets at their backs, unequal pay in this segregated military for the same job as their white counterparts, almost total lack of medical care from their battle wounds, how they shot into Southern soldier prison camp tents to gain promotions at Point Lookout, Maryland, the carnage carried out in-service of the Union or Loyal League, some more murder, rape, and plunder of the Southern people. And I could go on. To hell with their 3 minutes!!! I am asking my readers to sent a message to the City Commission: "DO NOT DISGRACE the good name of the Confederate dead on the Constitution Plaza Cenotaph with the hate-filled 'Contextualization'. RE-CONSIDER last Monday's hasty vote. " For the Contextualization Report was filled with bias and I will expose this bias in a report tomorrow. The contact information is: (email - and the phone is 904-8525-1066). I hope that all Southrons who read this will respond to my plea. Your brother , HK Member, Save Southern Heritage - FL

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