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Why Should I Care About a Sculpture at Florida State University?

We have been wondering how long this would take...and now it has. DNA shaming made real. Not only are slave owners intolerable to the #takeemdown - ers but descendants of slave owners are also. This attitude has been exposed in the Francis Eppes sculpture removal matter at Florida State University. You know the story by heart - a few complainers mixed with Charlottesville caused FSU President to take down a statue of Frances Eppes who was instrumental in the founding of FSU, in the middle of the night!

Sculpture of Frances Eppes being removed in the middle of the night from Westcott Plaza on Campus

A young descendant, who happened to be a student, Miss Barnes shared her feelings on Facebook, and now THEY have put a target on her back. The insidious thing about this is that is is now OK to shame someone based on their ancestry. Not only did they shame Mr. Eppes for being the grandson, of well, you know, that slave owning, Thomas Jefferson, but THEY have also shamed a student, the descendant of Eppes for being upset about it. Their heading to the video "White woman whines". Now we know why they didn't listen to a word we said about our families in all those public meetings and e-mails. They paint us with the same brush! Watch the shameful video HERE. THIS MUST NOT STAND! Please share this email and petition with family, friends and colleagues. This is not just an FSU problem. All who believe the commandment, honor thy father and mother should be insulted by how this young woman is being treated for defending her family. DISGRACEFUL! Her now...who next? Let's draw the line and STAND OUR GROUND. Please sign the petition HERE and forward on to friends, families and other like-minded individuals. Thank you!

-Save Southern Heritage - FL

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