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ALERT: Election Mayhem Warning



Virginia - Election Night 2016

After the 2016 election, monuments and memorials around the country were targeted for vandalism in reaction to the results.  Monuments and Memorials in New Orleans, Richmond and many more locations suffered attacks from those upset from the results. We are sending out this precautionary alert to our distribution list including law enforcement agencies, but WE must be the eyes and ears to Save our Southern Heritage: Steps to take: 1.  CAMERAS - If your monuments/memorials do not have cameras, get them up today.  We recommend spy point link with either ATT or Verizon service, depending on the signal you have.  If you have cameras, check the batteries, and make sure everything is working correctly. 2.  MONUMENT GUARDS - Plan to have guards on site Tuesday night (Nov. 3rd) and Friday (Nov. 6th and Sat. Nov 7th) at a minimum.  Preferably all evenings this week.  All locations (including gated cemeteries). If a guard sees suspicious activity, call it into law enforcement.  Get the best description you can, including vehicle make, model, color, and plate numbers. 3.  LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT - Call law enforcement in the jurisdiction (Sherriff or Police Dept.) and let them know your concerns and ask them to set up nighttime patrols through the weekend. 4. REPORT ANY INCIDENT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT - If you DO have an incident, DOCUMENT it (get good pictures of what happened), review your cameras and retrieve any pictures and REPORT IT (contact Law Enforcement and make sure to file an OFFICIAL report).   There are 4 IMPORTANT items we recommend for all reports: 1.  Damage Amount - If the damage is $1,000 or less, the perpetrator would be eligible for a misdemeanor only.  $1,000 or more for a felony. Pressure washing isn't always the best way to repair/restore paint damage.  Oil-based paint gets into the crevices of the stone and leaves its mark.  Proper restoration and cleaning with D2 will be more expensive, and should easily exceed this dollar amount. 2.  Charging Statute - Florida Statute Chapter 872.01 (1) should be listed as one of the crimes committed on the Report.  This Florida law criminalizes willful vandalism of a structure or monument designed for a memorial of the dead.  Our Cenotaph monuments fall under this category and should be prosecuted as such. 3.  Victims - Make sure that all stakeholders are listed as victims.  Under Marsy's law, this is crucial 5.  LET US KNOW - SSH maintains an incident file and uses this for work with law enforcement elected officials.  Please send us everything including the case number, paperwork, pictures, descriptions, etc.  Email us at: Let's hope for the best this election, but prepare for the worst.  Please pass this along to others you know with historical monuments and memorials, for they are all targets now (SUVCW, DUV, 1812, DAR, SAR, and veterans memorial parks, Spanish heritage groups, etc.).

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