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Port Orange, FL – A TikTok ‘influencer’ from hundreds of miles away successfully disrupted a Florida middle school last week when she called out a history teacher for actually teaching history.

‘@Chasingoz’ aired a short non-public school news video produced by a southwest Florida public school teacher incorrectly claimed that the video was "mandatory" for all students.

In her social media post, the Connecticut transplant identified the school by name and location while smirking and looking shocked as the video explained basic facts in the lead up to America’s most costly and bloody armed conflict.

After a barrage of obscenities, the commentator concluded with a call to action to her followers stating "you know what to do". This resulted in calls to the school District which caused classes to being shut down and an investigation into the teacher. The result - a major disruption in learning activities during the week.

As of the writing of this news article, the school employee who leaked the school news video has not been identified. @Chasingoz stated that teachers ‘had been warned’ not to make the teacher who recorded the video ‘angry’, suggesting it was a teacher from the same school that leaked the video to her "inbox".

@Chasingoz is the screen name for a Volusia County adult book author and photographer who has a following of left-leaning, Trump hating, angry women and she often signs off with the phrase ‘keep it salty” which, according to is popularized Black English for “angry, irritated or resentful”. Her monikers include large spectacles and frequent four letter words.

Florida public records show that Chasingoz, LLC is managed by Danielle A. Elwood and photographs from social media accounts suggest Elwood's pen name is Dawn Robertson. Ms. Elwood has a diverse social media footprint under both her real name and her alias and where she reports that she has 3 children, is separated from her husband, Scott, is leading a trip to Paris in 2024, and posted a fundraiser for dental work.

She has been employed in the real estate industry and was a parenting blogger for the Disney-owned website She has been critical of Florida Governor Ron Desantis, State Representative Webster Barnaby and former President Trump among others.

Insiders report that no parents at the school have complained about the video or the teacher who produced it and in fact, students have reported that the video was educational and provoked interest and curiosity in history.

Ironically one of Ms. Elwood’s videos encourages the same standard of justice for all people and for "locking up" people who are guilty of a crime. Perhaps Ms. Elwood, may care to read Florida Statute XLVI Chapter 877.13 which makes disrupting schools a second degree misdemeanor.

Donations are being accepted for the teacher's legal defense fund in protecting his job and in obtaining damanges and protection from the cyber bully. Click Here to donate.

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