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Dear Lindsey Graham,

One SSH FL member, outraged by the SC Senate candidate Lindsey Graham's begging for campaign donations after the big sell-out over the flag on the South Carolina monument that started the wrecking ball rolling back in 2015, shared a letter they wrote in response.


Dear Lindsey Graham,

You keep asking me for money. I get texts from you. I have gotten letters from you. You even had your surrogate, Nikki Haley, begging me for money for you on Facebook.

I am writing to you today because I want you to know why you are not getting one thin dime from me – NOW or EVER!

Mr. Graham, you have shown me that you are ashamed of me and my heritage. You flip-flopped and told the world that the Christian Cross of St. Andrew should be removed from a War Veterans Memorial to veterans of your state of South Carolina.

I am a Christian, I am commanded to honor my mother and my father and you spit upon my ability to do that. You let the world dishonor them. This is a slap in the face to me and my family.

But it is worse than that. When you did that, it propelled the Marxist purge of my family’s history. Now 5 memorials to my family’s veterans have been removed – thanks to you. But it is worse than that. Now, the momentum has shifted and millions of tax dollars are being used to tear down beautiful works of art. The flood gate is open. No history is safe. And you started it all – you and Nikki Haley.

Honor, Family, God and Country are not political issues or bargaining chips and you turned them into that. That is why I hope you lose. You deserve it.

- A voter

PS. I don’t care what this costs the Republican Party. I am a life long republican and I have been stabbed to death in the so-called “big tent” You should have thought about how your base would feel about this before you did it. Tell your Republican friends I said so.

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