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Flowers of the South: ORDER NOW

Beautiful Flowers

- or a -

Confederate Flag?

Fleurs du Sud

Merchandise NOW AVAILABLE!

During the occupation of New Orleans by Benjamin "Beast" Butler, the Confederate National Flag was contraband. But local drawing teacher, J. B. Guibet, skillfully created this beautiful lithograph to show their Southern Pride.

Show yours too in a variety of beautiful ways: Notebook Greeting Cards Journal Post Cards Water Bottle Travel Coffee Mug Mug Socks Scarf Duffle Bag Tote Bag Pillow Blanket Shower Curtain Drawstring Bag Clock Coasters Print Poster Tapestry Phone Wallet Sticker Mini Skirt Dresses Leggings Shirts and Tops (mens and ladies) Magnet Show your Southern Pride with these Beautiful Flag Items...they will be your favorites! Check out the entire collection on our shopping page by clicking on the button below:

Save your birthday and Valentine's shopping NOW! Please share this page with your friends so they can enjoy this merchandise too! Proceeds Benefit Monument Protection

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