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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Media Contact: HK Edgerton


HK Edgerton, Southern Cross Revival March June 10, 2022 – Hemming Plaza

Jacksonville, FL – HK Edgerton will be marching against Hate in Jacksonville Tuesday morning to protest Mayor Curry’s continuing efforts to cancel Jacksonville’s history and culture.

“Curry says Jacksonville is ‘no place for hate’ but what he has done and wants to do is nothing BUT pure hate – hate against the Southern family.” HK Edgerton said.

In the middle of the night, on June 9, 2020 despite overwhelming support for keeping the historic Hemming Plaza Cenotaph, Curry removed the elements of the historic memorial given to the people of Florida in memory of his fallen comrades from Florida by Charles Hemming.

“That’s what thieves do” Edgerton said.

Edgerton will protest Curry and his cancel culture policies in front of City Hall on Tuesday morning, December 6th.

Edgerton’s March Against Hate will also include a stop at the Jacksonville Times Union to protest recent article by Mark Woods.

“Mr. Woods did a hatchet job on my friend and brother Kirk D. Lyons” Edgerton said. “I told him if he did I would be coming to see him, and I am” Edgerton added. “What he did was tell the Southern Poverty Law Version’s version of Kirk D.’s resume and ignored the work he has done for the black community. He was the only attorney that would help me fight for civil rights when I was president of the NAACP in Ashville, NC” Edgerton concluded.

Edgerton has worked in Jacksonville frequently in an effort to fight the rising tide of cancel culture in the City including a stop on his 2016 Southern Cross Revival March.

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