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Slavery in....THE NORTH?!!!

If you're like us, you're sick and tired of the continual drumbeat of "slavery, slavery, slavery" when discussing memorials, cenotaphs and monuments to our Southern heroes.

Have you ever wondered why the South was, supposedly, the only region of the country that owned slaves? Or, supposedly invented "Jim Crow" laws?

This video from Professor McClanahan debunks the myths of Southern having monopoly on Slavery in America. ENJOY!

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sarah deRochemont
sarah deRochemont
20 de dez. de 2023

I grew up in newport rhode island in the 1970's and went to public high school there and of course we knew there were slaves in the north: they have their whole own cemetary in newport. from revolutionary war times. the schylur (sp?) family, from new york state...the dad was a patriot with george washington, his daughter married alexander hamilton, they had slaves. it is not the secret you claim it is, and they teach it in public schools. it is false to claim this is a big cover up. just the people in the northeast went to war against the british for american independence. they did not go to war against the union established after that war. wh…

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