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Statement Regarding City of Pensacola's "Removal" Manouver

In a desperate effort to prevent Judge Bergosh from the possibility of finding the City of Pensacola in Contempt of his Order, the City's hired attorneys have used a legal manouver to 'remove' the Case from Judge Bergosh's jurisdiction to Federal Court.

We will be objecting to this manouver. Judge Bergosh's office believes the TRO still is in effect, for now, but is not sure.

This just shows how desperate the City is to trample the rights of the plaintiffs in the case in their frenzied hysteria to take down the historic Cenotaph and eviscerate the North Hill Historic Preservation District.

-Save Southern Heritage FL

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1 comentário

R Morgan Burrow Jr
28 de jul. de 2020

Is it possible to turn the city attorneys into the state legal ethics commission for abuse of process, looking toward termination of their licenses to practice law? Some of these mercenary attorneys need to be disciplined....that would send a message to other attorneys attempting similar tactics....

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