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Video Released of FL Preacher Advocating Domestic Terrorism


For Immediate Release

Contact: David McCallister



ST. AUGUSTINE –A St. Augustine preacher doubled down in support of “What’s going on America right now” saying it “has to happen” and refusing to condemn the looting, damage and violence that has plagued the country for the past few days.

Ron Rawls, a Gainesville resident, whose wife is an elected Circuit Judge in Alachua County, is Pastor at St. Paul AME congregation in St. Augustine and used a Facebook live video to encourage people to ‘share’ his threatening public message.

“We’ll literally tear up your infrastructure” Rawls said, reminding listeners that the aggression is providing ‘leverage’.

Marco Rubio cautioned that recent events may lead to a ‘second “civil war’” but Rawls suggested that the war had already started, saying “there is collateral damage in war”, as he discussed black owned businesses which had been looted over the last few days.

Rawls was unsympathetic to business owners who had been looted, noting that they had ‘looted’ by taking the recent Paycheck Protection Program loans. He didn’t state how he knew all the looting victims had received the loans.

In promoting his Monday afternoon rally, Rawls encouraged his viewers to “keep it up”… “we’re on the path for progress”. Rawls suggested that the leverage after what has happened shows leaders that, “we can literally tear up your city” if we don’t get what we want.

President Trump, as well as Save Southern Heritage – FL, have called the wanton destruction of private and public property, supported by Rawls and his ilk, to be ‘domestic terrorists’.

After listening to the video, HK Edgerton, civil rights activist past president of the NAACP in his NC hometown observed “Ron Rawls makes Lewis Farrakhan look like the Pope”. “If I was his wife I’d be looking for my divorce papers” he added. “He must have gotten his pastor’s license from the pawn shop,” Edgerton concluded.

“Rawls came on our radar a few years back when he demanded the City take down the historic coquina Confederate Cenotaph in Constitution Plaza that commemorated the Menorcan Confederates who died in the war” said David McCallister, Save Southern Heritage spokesman. “We later discovered his ties to New Black Panther leaders who had gone to Ferguson, MO to foment the riots there” McCallister said.

“This video is an example of the information bias by Facebook users, allowing this type of incitement while suppressing free expression of pro-veteran views like Mr. Edgerton, which recently have been deleted as “violations of community standards” on our page” McCallister concluded.

Watch a recording of the Facebook live video here.


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Patrick Ingle
Patrick Ingle
Nov 14, 2021

While campaigning these past weeks, I have learned something that I was not previously aware,

“This country is racist!”

And I am both embarrassed and sadden.

Since congress prevented the John L Lewis Voting Rights Act from becoming law and Florida legislature didn’t take up on the task, I will, if elected, introduce a local version for the City of Gainesville of the John L Lewis Voting Rights Act.

I also encourage my opponents, if they are elected to also submit a petition for a local version of the John L Lewis Voting Rights Act, and their supporters to remind their candidate this is good legislation.

The City Commissioners that vote against the local version of the John L Lewis…


R Morgan Burrow Jr
Jul 25, 2020

The first amendment protects the free speech rights of the black "minister"; this 'minister' is an agitator and not a peacemaker and does not belong in the pulpit. Unfortunately, some will take what this 'minister' says as gospel and stir up more trouble.

Violence in the streets or willful property damage is not protected activity, and law enforcement MUST act immediately. The only way to deal with mobs is for law enforcement to surround, arrest, and haul all the mob participants to jail. It's probable that mob participants are being paid by unknown bad actors. When the mob participants are strip searched at jail and found with similar amounts of cash, this appears as COMMERCIAL activity (employer/employee) and n…

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