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Which Florida Republicans Vote with Pelosi to Erase American History?

This week the US Congress voted to remove the Confederate Statues from the Capital  The initiative was led by Democrat Stenny Hoyer and pushed by Nancy Pelosi.

Many may remember that three of the four: Diaz-Balart, Buchanan and Bilirakis; dissed our veterans before back on May 9, 2016 when they agreed the that the Confederate flag is offensive and inappropriate in American cemeteries joining hands with Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Shame on these Anti-Veteran Republicans who are opposed to states rights and free speech and have shown they are the real racists in Washington.

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R Morgan Burrow Jr

The article references Facebook. Facebook, along with google, youtube, twitter, western journal, and other internet firms, routinely electronically censor user posts that disagree with the firms' management. On-line media needs to be cleaned up, and users' First Amendment rights restored with on line medial This would require regulation of all internet companies as common carriers (like telephone companies). One can express opinions speaking on a telephone without being censored or cut off; the same must apply on the internet.

Please email Pres. Trump at and request he immediately executive order the elimination of censoring of any type on all on line media, dropping all "Section 230 protections", and simultaneously direct the Federal Communications Commission to develop and implement permanent…

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