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No Time to Relax

Many Southerners believe the new administration and leader in the White House will put an end to the siege on Southern heritage. Many feel they have finished their work and can now sit back and relax and let someone else fight the battle to save our Southern Heritage for a while.

But consider this….one man…even a powerful one…cannot win a war by himself. He needs an army to cover his flank – Lee and Trump are no different. The media is our new leader’s arch enemy and will do all they can to eviscerate him. The momentum has changed, but it is a fragile victory. It is not time to relax, but instead, it is time to re-double our efforts.

Consider this…the Southern Poverty Law Center has targeted 1,503 such observances in America – 61 in Florida. The “social justice warriors are not relaxing”. Can one man address each of these battles individually?

Is Saving Southern Heritage worth fighting for? The Medieval Crusaders risked their lives to secure unmolested access to the Holy Land. Thousands of Christian mother’s sons died in the 200 year fight…and this issue is still not settled.

Is our Southern heritage: monuments, flags, places of valor, graves, heroes and observances any less worth fighting for? Many were built by the widows and orphans of the Veterans themselves…so their sacrifice and struggle would not be forgotten.

Like the pilgrims seeking to see Jerusalem and calling out for protection, we called our leader to battle and now we must not abandon him. We must go from hamlet to hamlet and summon our best in defense of our precious heritage. And we must wear bravely and courageously His, and our, Southern Cross by rallying to provide the fuel our Crusaders need to defeat the infidels who teach hate and disrespect of our families and their values. And a special message for those who hide the Southern Cross in the are no better than those who wish to erase it from history. By putting the flag of Southern liberty in the closet – withdrawing it from the civic landscape – you are complicit in the dishonor of our noble veterans who continued the Crusade for Liberty begun by the Patriots of ’76 that were continued by the Patriots of ’61. You are disrespecting the Holy honor of our gallant Confederate defenders who shed their blood in defense of the God given liberties and protection of family.

Gird yourself with the blood of the Southern Cross. Join with others to Save Southern Heritage. Join today at December 31st is the last day to join to become a Charter member.

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