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Press Release: Soros' Funds Linked to Tampa Monument Take Down

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release

Media Contact: David McCallister 813-778-1202 Email: floridasshe@gmail.com


Tampa – “Organize Florida” was exposed this week for accepting a $500,000 grant from George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center, linking Soros to the attacks on Tampa’s Confederate Memorial last year. “The dots are now connected between Soros and the Tampa Cenotaph” said David McCallister, Save Southern Heritage – FL (“SSH”) spokesman. “Everyone knows Soros has been behind the attacks on these historical veterans memorials but the question has been ‘where is the proof?’.” McCallister added. In 2017, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners voted to move the historic Memoria in Aeterna to private property after some commissioners received death threats, intimidating calls and home visits, and a cannonade of hate and resentment-filled speakers at the July 19, 2017 meeting where the previous decision to keep the memorial in place was reversed. “We have heard rumors that there was a big payroll behind the effort in Tampa and we saw Tim Heberlein was heavily involved. This is the proof” McCallister added. Heberlin, listed as field director of Organize Florida on the organizations’ web site and Dayna Lazarus, were included in the “Speaker Study” of those anti-memorial speakers influencing the July 19, 2017 Commission vote. The Daily Caller’s December 17, 2018 story (HERE) referenced Organize Florida as also involved in the attack on Pam Bondi at a Tampa Theater in June this year. “These are a bunch of bad hombres that are taking a wrecking ball to America. We hope that the culprit in Bondi matter, as well as those who desecrated and vandalized Confederate Memorial Park and Memoria in Aeterna will be apprehended and brought to justice” concluded McCallister.

SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE Inc. is a not for profit corporation that educates & advocates on behalf of Southern Heritage & History. It was started in 2015 in response to the knee-jerk Anti-Southern institutionalized bullying and “Eracism” levied against the people of South Carolina by Governor Nikki Haley, after she broke all previous agreements about how South Carolina’s historical veterans and their symbols should be treated and respected. The Florida branch was activated in mid-January 2016, in response to three initiatives in the Florida Legislature that are part of a hate campaign led by Anti-American extremists, who refuse to respect the various cultures that make up the fabric of Florida’s society. Since that time, it has grown in membership and has been active in battles over American History and throughout Florida including the “We’ll Remember in November Campaign” that resulted in #heritagehater candidates to lose elections in Florida and others to win. More info: www.sshfl.org.


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