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Court Grants SCV Marsy's Law Status in Lee Co. Vandalism Case

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Ft. Myers – Monday, the Sons of Confederate Veterans received a favorable Court Decision restoring Marsy's Law Victim Status in the Lee Memorial vandalism case. The decision, made by Judge Thompson, who is handling the criminal prosecution case, made the ruling over the objections of State's Attorney Amira Fox and Defense Counsel for the accused, David Howes.

The SCV was originally named the victim by law enforcement and the State's Attorney, but when they objected to the 'slap on the wrist' plea bargain offered the defendant, the State Attorney deleted them as the victim. The SCV filed a motion to be reinstated and the defendant filed court documents were asking a higher court to bar Judge Thompson from ruling on the matter, which was rejected last week.

"One of the main objections we had to the plea deal was that Mr. Howes had not provided the names of the other perpetrators" McCallister said.

"This is a victory not only for the SCV, but also for the citizens of Florida, that the Constitution was upheld and that victims do, in fact, have a seat at the table of justice" said David McCallister, attorney for the SCV. "Now we will see if the State Attorney follows the letter and spirit of the Law" McCallister added.

A large group of local residents have been following the case against David Howes, who was arrested for tearing down the bust of the County's Namesake in March of last year, appearing at every hearing. One in particular, HK Edgerton, past president of the NAACP in Asheville, NC, was on hand for the hearing and expressed concern about the actions of the State's Attorney.

Edgerton said "I am very concerned about what appears to be collusion between the perpetrator of this attack on a memorial to one of THE greatest men who ever lived and the State Attorney, who has violated the Constitution of the State of Florida by withholding Marsy’s rights from the Victim of this crime - the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The Pro-Muslim hate group, Council on American Islamic Relations has stated that want all memorials to the Confederate soldier eradicated from the landscape and I wonder if Amira Fox is just a Florida version of Ilhan Omar, and working behind the scenes to TRULY Prevent Justice in this case."

Attorney McCallister believes that depositions are being scheduled from witnesses in the case to prepare for trial, but, despite the Court's decision Monday, the State Attorney has not updated the victim on the status of the prosecution since their decision to delete the SCV as the victim.

Marsy's Law was adopted by voter referendum as an Amendment to the Florida Constitution last year and provides protections for and rights to crime victims.

SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE Inc. is a not for profit corporation that educates & advocates on behalf of Southern Heritage & History. It was started in 2015 in response to the knee-jerk Anti-Southern institutionalized bullying and “Eracism” levied against the people of South Carolina by Governor Nikki Haley, after she broke all previous agreements about how South Carolina’s historical veterans and their symbols should be treated and respected.

The Florida branch was activated in mid-January 2016, in response to three initiatives in the Florida Legislature that are part of a hate campaign led by Anti-American extremists, who refuse to respect the various cultures that make up the fabric of Florida’s society. Since that time, it has grown in membership and has been active in battles over American History and throughout Florida including the “We’ll Remember in November Campaign” that resulted in #heritagehater candidates to lose elections in Florida and others to win. More info:

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