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HK Edgerton Comments on Museum Censorship / "Voices of Reason"

BY: HK Edgerton, Member, Save Southern Heritage Florida

I would like to applaud those who conducted the Study of the so-called “Voices of Reason” donors in Lake County, Florida whose motives can only be to foment hate and division and who are weaponizing not just Southern history but also American history for their unsavory political purposes. For years I have heard the cry ‘put it in a museum’ and that that is just what the elected officials in Lake County tried to do with the sculpture of Florida’s top ranking military figure ever – West Point Grad Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith.  But that does not appear to be good enough for the hate mongers whose names are amongst those Lake County residents listed in the Study.  No the "Voices of Reason" are suing to censor the content the Lake County Historical Society wishes to exhibit.

Image from "A Study:  Who are the "Lake County Voices of Reason" 

Facebook page post from Lake County Golden Triangle Cemocratic Club Facebook Page Dated August 13, 2010. Woman holding sign "Ban Statue" (read full Study at links below)

No, these Northern transplants don't want the Cenotaph of General Smith at the Lake County Museum, or ANYWHERE but the junk heap.  Because if he is in view the day will come when intelligent black folks will seek out the truth about who the General really was, and that path will surely lead to the reality of the love and family relationship that existed and still exists between blacks and whites in the South as exemplified by that devotion displayed by Dr. Alexander Darnes who was constantly by the side of his friend for life… "the Honorable General Kirby Smith". And soon after that perhaps they will realize, like that baby, Candace Owens did, the heartless ready willingness of the some to use people who look like us as a their weapon of choice against anyone…red, yellow, black and brown in the 21st century… who are not so readily accepting of their fake narrative of slavery as America’s original and unforgiveable sin. The Study exposes who ‘these people’ are.  They are not of the Southern soil, and could care less about desire of their neighbors to the honor and revere the greatness of men like Generals Robert E. Lee, Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson, Edmund Kirby Smith, or our dear President Jefferson Davis who befriended the African people of the South….even in a museum. The Honorable General Robert E. Lee encouraged the South to rejoin the Union alliance but later said."if I had only known"! Surely, “those people” he was speaking about in his change of heart are the same “yankee-pox’ laden-kind that the good people of Lake County are presently being forced to suffer.   Let me forewarn, it and will not work. Pres. Davis rightly said “Truth crushed to the earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again.”  Despite the fake news that ignited the social and cultural genocide in the aftermath of the acts of madman Dylan Roof, and the weak kneed Governor who joined them in the conspiracy against the Southern people, we will continue to honor our heroic ancestors who made a Stand against tyranny and the rule of law so established in the National Constitution. God save the South.

Read Study and Exhibit A

Published by Permission of HK Edgerton

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