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HK Edgeton Files Memorial Day Judicial Complaint in Madison Memorial Case

Memorial Day - May 27, 2024

Asheville, NC – HK Edgerton announces today that he has sent an official complaint to the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission about State Appellate Court Judge Scott D. Makar.

Edgerton filed the complaint seeking the removal of Judge Makar from the bench.

Judge Maker, while serving on the First District Court of Appeals, wrote the Decision in the Madison County Florida Cenotaph Case that sided with the City of Madison, Florida over numerous individual plaintiffs as well as Save Southern Heritage Florida, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

“This complaint is long overdue after what this so-called Judge did in the Madison Cenotaph case” Edgerton said.

The full Press Release can be found at Mr. Edgerton's Substack Here.

Mr. Edgerton asserts three violations of the Judicial "Canon" or the code of conduct for Florida Judiciary.  The most important being that he interjected "sua sponte" opinions into the Madison Decision.

Mr. Edgerton reports that the complaint is expected to be received by the Commission on Tuesday.  Mr. Edgerton had been an active supporter of the Madison Cenotaph. 

“I can’t think of a better time to criticize a member of the Woke Cult for allowing the desecration of a Cenotaph than at Memorial Day and I am proud as a peacock to be the one to do it” Edgerton said.



About HK Edgerton

HK Edgerton is a past President of the NAACP in his hometown of Asheville, NC and is a US Army Veteran. He has advocated for the preservation of the Madison County memorial and worked for legislation to protect all Veterans Memorials in Florida.  Mr. Edgerton is a member of Save Southern Heritage Florida.

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