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SSH Welcomes Mayor Deegan


Press Release for Immediate Release July 1, 2023

Jacksonville, FL - This morning Save Southern Heritage Florida flew high over the skies of the City of Jacksonville to remind Mayor Deegan, at her inauguration event, that she promised to 'be mayor for everybody". The message: "Deegan: Include Us!" This statement is posted for viewers of the star spangled banner's message:

"Save Southern Heritage congratulates you, Ms. Deegan, on your victory in the mayoral election for the City of Jacksonville and looks forward to being a part of your inclusive administration. ​ You publicly stated that "I'll be mayor for everybody. I want to bring all the voices in. Please give me an opportunity." So, Mayor Deegan, we will be waiting to hear from you on how you will include historic preservationists, and those of us who seek to memorialize the sacrifices made by the men, women and children of the City of Jacksonville when they suffered the most bloody conflict that America has experienced. And not to forget those who believe how yesterday's veterans are treated today signals to our youth how today's veterans will be treated in the future.​ We also ask you to remember that the Southern memorials are not for any race or creed, but for ALL people. They include Dr. Alexander Darnes, a hero of Jacksonville and a man of color. We take you at your word - as an "honest broker"; that you can unify the city by seeking information and listening to unfamiliar voices, and then learning and teaching as you have done during your professional career.​ So, we're ready to take you at your word. Let's talk. We are ready when you are.


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