To the Florida Legislature


holiday patition.JPG

Legislation proposed by Senator Lauren Book, Rep. Michael Grieco and others to erase Southern holidays from the books in Florida is bigoted against and offensive to a great many Floridians.

And, if passed, it sends a strong message that Florida is opposed to diversity and inclusion and is now the "Hate State" by condoning the cancel culture of eliminating the history, views and opinions of a large number of Floridians.  


Dear Legislator & Governor Desantis,

By signing this petition, I'm telling you not to enact any Anti-Holiday legislation that would purge traditional historical Florida holidays including Robert E. Lee's Birthday and Confederate Memorial Day.  This legislation is offensive, bigoted and discriminatory.

Also, I will remember any legislator that supports this hateful, offensive legislation and oppose them whenever I can, so please keep me updated.

Thank you for signing the petition