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To Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson and the City Council

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My name is HK Edgerton and I have fought for years against the hate against one of my personal heroes, Robert E. Lee.  

I am sick and tired of the attacks on one of the finest Christian men America has known.  Lee is a role model and a point of unity but he has been weaponized by those seeking to divide us along color lines.


Censoring of history in public places just because it doesn't fit a certain agenda has to be stopped, and is a violation of free speech is flat out content discrimination.

Will you join me in demanding Mayor Kevin Anderson and the Fort Myers City Council restore the Lee County namesake memorial to its rightful place?

If so, please sign the petition to tell the City of Fort Myers to restore the Lee Memorial NOW!

Thank you and God bless,

- HK Edgerton

I'm Adding My Name to the Petition...

Thanks for signing!  Please share!

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