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Call for Events: Confederate Memorial Day

LET'S OBSERVE 2022 CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL DAY IN FLORIDA Attn: Floridians who love Southern Heritage In observance of April as Southern Heritage Month and April 26th as Confederate Memorial Day, Save Southern Heritage FL is offering to publicize Confederate Memorial Day observance(s) on our events calendars.

Is your organization:

  • Making floral tributes at graves?

  • Placing a wreath at a Confederate War Memorial or Cenotaph?

  • Dedicating a new Memorial or grave marker?

We are particularly interested if you are honoring the Confederate dead at one of the SPLC targeted sites which include many existing monuments, many of them historic such as those in: Jacksonville (3), Ocala, Palatka, Madison, Monticello, and Brooksville. Click HERE to upload details of your event and we will post it on our events page and social media. If you have a Facebook event or an event web site, include it and we will link it to the posting and add it to our social media. Let's let the whole State know our flags and our memorials are sacred to us because they represent love and respect .... not hate. Want to attend an event but don't know where one is? Find them at our Events Page.

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