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PRESS RELEASE: Survey Shows Overwhelming Majority Want to Keep Confederate Veteran War Memorial in

Press Release - June 5, 2017

For Immediate Release Media Contact: David McCallister 813-778-1202 Email:

Survey Shows Overwhelming Majority Want to Keep Confederate Veteran War Memorial in Place

(Tampa) - A public opinion survey conducted by one the nations's top polling company's shows overwhelming support for keeping the existing Confederate Veterans' War memorial right where it is in downtown Tampa. Gravis Marketing of Winter Springs, Florida conducted the survey by contacting over 500 registered voters in Hillsborough County chosen by random based on their participation in elections. The survey results were overwhelming, 77% of survey participants favor oppose moving the Confederate memorial. Only 23% felt it should be moved. Voters were even less supportive of spending tax money on removing the statue. 84% of respondents said "no" to that suggestion. Opposition to the move was widespread across demographic and political party lines. 41% of African Americans opposed the move and a majority, 51% of registered Democrats opposed the move. "These results fly in the face of the constant baying of those in the extreme minority who would tear down these monuments to our veterans throughout the state and country," stated David McCallister, Save Southern Heritage - Florida, the group leading the opposition to removal of historic monuments to Florida's fallen war dead. "The voters have spoken, and if any commissioner thinks otherwise, the issue should be placed on a voter referendum for the voters to decide once and for all," said McCallister. (Links to survey results here: Cross Tabs; Raw Results; Executive Summary; Press Release) County Commissioner Les Miller (D), on the heels of the unprecedented destruction of three historical memorials in New Orleans has proposed that the Hillsborough County Commission follow suit by proposing a purge of Tampa's historical memorial to Confederate dead. He is expected to bring up the issue at the Wednesday June 7, 2017 meeting of the commission. McCallister said his organization is conducting a grassroots effort by contacting commissioners and will plan to attend the meeting to present the poll results and speak against Miller's proposal. "We have been watching these purges of American history around the country and it appears Commissioner Miller is in bed with radical hate groups like the Uhuru Movement, the New Black Panther Party and "Anti-Fa", who are hell bent on destroying American history. In a recent interview on WNYC Radio, Malcolm Suber, leader of "Take 'Em Down Nola", who lead the effort to eradicate historical memorials in New Orleans, says whites are "blinded by their white supremacy". He is "not interested in tokens...we won't be satisfied until all of them are done away with". Hillsborough County residents have spoken - they don't want the New Orleans spectacle repeated here. Enough is Enough" McCallister concluded. SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE Inc. is a 501 c(4) public welfare corporation that educates & advocates on behalf of Southern Heritage & History. It was started in 2015 in response to the knee-jerk Anti-Southern institutionalized bullying and “Erase-ism” levied against the people of South Carolina by Governor Nikki Haley, after she broke all previous agreements about how South Carolina’s historical veterans and their symbols should be treated and respected. The Florida branch was activated in mid-January 2016, in response to three initiatives in the Florida Legislature that are part of a hate campaign led by Anti-American extremists, who refuse to respect the various cultures that make up the fabric of Florida’s society. Since that time, it has grown in membership and has been active in Heritage battles throughout Florida including the “We’ll Remember in November Campaign” that resulted in #heritagehater candidates to loose elections in Florida. More info:


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