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Ron Rawls: Judge Not and Ye Shall Be Not Judged

"Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." -Luke 6:37

Tonight African Methodist Episcopal Minister Ron Rawls made an encore appearance, parading through St. Augustine with his highly advertised “disruption of business/racism as usual” of the tree lighting in the Constitution Plaza that traditionally has ushered in the observance of Christmas in the oldest town in our Nation.

His Facebook Live video of the event shows a group of primarily young white women, who he recognized as college students, screaming “Racist” at attendees of the traditional tree-lighting ceremony. While he addresses those attending the event with “This is what racism looks like”. This was on top of chants of “racist city”, supposedly referring to St. Augustine. Despite the obvious that an inanimate object, a city, cannot have attitudes or views, Rawls and his powder-puff protesters were hell bent on making the statement “Sorry ‘bout your Christmas lights…we are in a bigger fight”.

We noticed that “loud mouth Chris” a dental hygienist from Jacksonville was the ‘lung power’ behind Rawl’s rant, leading the 1 hour and 14 min theatrical presentation known as “The Grinch of St. Augustine - Part 2."

When a viewer posted a question about how taking down the Christian memorials to dead veterans helped eliminate racism, Rawls ignored it. But of course, hard questions cannot be answered.

Rawls gave a shout out to Mayor Shaver who pulled one over on Rawls by inviting a supporter to “flip the switch’ at the tree-lighting ceremony. So Rawls, a so-called Christian, is so full of resentment that he is willing to go to any length to criticize, condemn, complain and judge people he doesn’t even know at an event meant to honor Jesus Christ.

We shudder to think how he will explain this one on Judgment Day.

We pray for you, “Rev.” Rawls, that one day you will repent of your sins and take the high road and judge not, condemn not, and forgive, rather than judge, condemn and resent.

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